Sausage workshop

Thanks to the consistent build-up of the industrial potential, the daily output of branded products is constantly increasing, and its assortment now amounts to more than 100 items. The increase in the volume of production occurs with a careful control of product quality. High quality standards are achieved primarily thanks to a modern production base and selected raw materials.

The rich experience accumulated over 15 years of activity inspires the company to constantly expand the range, offering customers delicious and high-quality novelties. Every day the technological service is engaged in the development of new and improvement of existing recipes. And modern equipment, purchased in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, allows the production of new types of sausages and semi-finished products.

We are ready to satisfy all inquiries of interested persons connected both with supply of production, and with realization of sausage products, refrigerated semi-finished products. We hope that the various forms of work we offer, an individual approach and a flexible system of discounts will make our cooperation mutually beneficial and long-term.